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After vigorous marketing and advertisement of your products, you need to know who bought, who was impressed or even how they behaved after you did the hard job. We will tell you all that.

More Benefits Of Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is an excellent tool to verify where the traffic comes from on your website. You can even go into details and tell what city they are from, what browser they are using, how long they remain on your website. However, all these are excellent things to know about your site, but the main parts that you should consult and in Google Analytics for your website are:

Amount of traffic

This section lets you know how many people have visited your website and on what date they visited your website. It also allows you to see the percentage of traffic that was direct, search engine traffic, references or campaign. You can also use Analytics to track how well your AdWords campaign is working and whether it’s worthwhile for you to continue paying for the AdWords campaign.


Traffic sources

By clicking on this tab in the sidebar, you can see which website is sending traffic to your site. It helps you understand where traffic comes from so you can focus more on using your time and effort on the higher ranking sites.


It allows you to know where your visitors visit your site and also the average duration of your visit, among other statistics. This is the right information for you to see in which country you want to promote your website more.

It can be very beneficial for you if you discover what keywords your users are using to search your website. In the Analytics panel, if you first click on Traffic Sources in the Search Engine part, you can find out which keywords your users are using to find your site. It gives you an idea of the keywords you need to work on and the keywords you have neglected. If you look at the previous processes, they are very complex. That’s why Oceans Kenya is here to help you. Remember that some words are easy to say than to do.





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