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Digital Marketing is one of the latest trends that people are using to optimize their business potential by reaching a massive audience at an affordable cost. Actually, it is a method of making your brand famous as well as generating sales by exposing it to many clients through an online connection and at their own convenience. Apparently, Digital Marketing combines all digital marketing efforts that apply the use of all internet and electronic devices and that’s what we will do for you. At Oceans, we will leverage the most popular digital channels with strategies to connect you to your prospective and current customers while converting them into sales.

Social Media Marketing

This includes Management of all your Social Media platforms, e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You-Tube as well as running sponsored posts/ads to reach the right target audience. Basically, we will take care of your online engagement, customer care as well as generating sales from the Social Media Platforms.

Web design

Website design & development is a process that has different steps taken to create, launch and make a website accessible. During the process, we have factors to think about because a small mistake will destroy everything. That is why it is mostly advisable to hire our professional services in this regard.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating and sharing of online material. The online content consists in posting of blogs, guest posts, Articles, social media posts, viral content and videos that stimulate an interest in your brand, products, and services.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization combines a set of activities and methods that improve and enhances the position of web pages in search engine upshots. The main aim of SEO is to help your webpage rank high in search engines for particular keywords.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art of communication, stylizing and problem-solving using space, words, and images. In short, it is the art of combining pictures and text to communicate.

Mobile Marketing

Every sec of 4 hrs in a day, someone is on their mobile phone because everyone owns one. Isn’t it an excellent platform to engage your audience? Yes, it is. We do it through our unique mobile ..

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the art of attracting your potential customers to your products or services. The process of lead generation done by Oceans Kenya involves different unique tools ..

Google adwords

Through the immense Google Data, we help our clients appear on the most trafficked & relevant websites/blog within Kenya or any other location across the globe while



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