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Through the immense Google Data, we help our clients appear on the most trafficked & relevant websites/blog within Kenya or any other location across the globe while getting them prospect customers who are likely to buy their products/services.

With Google Display Ads, we not only increase your brand awareness but also get you quality leads and massive sales online.

Google Search and Display Ads is a Google online advertising platform in which advertisers pay to exhibit brief adverts, product listings, service offerings, video content, and produce mobile Ad installs from Google ad network to the online users.

With our extensive knowledge in Google Ads, we value Google Search and Display Ads a lot in the internet marketing and that’s why we want you to be found across Google Search engine or Display Networks.

Being a Google Ads Partner, Oceans Creative Agency is the best Google Advertising Company you can work with in Kenya and all over the world as your favorite choice because we will walk you through the journey of Google Search or Display Ads.

Don’t be afraid trying it. It is always easy with us because will help you be seen by your prospect customers by creating eye-catching Ads that will attract the attention of web users at the very moment they’re searching for the products and services you offer or when browsing through the most read websites or blogs.


Ways Used In Google Ads Advertising

Being an economical and excellent platform that you can use to increase your customer base, we use also Google Ads to help our clients achieve all their goals & objectives by relevant keywords and detailed targeting.

Because of our wide knowledge in field, we have several ways that we use to achieve the results.

Creative Ways We Use To Advertise Your Brand on Google.
  • Search Ads

    These are ads that are revealed directly on the search engine website when one is searching for a particular keyword.

    For the Search Ads, our experts research on the best keywords from your products and services then use them to make your Ads be your prospects’ results.

  • Display Ads

    It is an advertising technique we use to show your products anywhere online. In this sense, we continually monitor your customer behavior and place the correct ads in front of them based on the content and other targeting strategies.

  • Video Ads

    Video advertising is the most attractive way we use to capture the attention of your target audience through a video banner. The Ads we built through this technique actively engage and connect the audience anytime and anywhere.

  • Commercial Ads

    It is an advertisement through which we can advertise your lists of products in the search network. It can help you can drive more traffic to your website hence generating more leads and increasing your conversation rates.

  • Universal App Campaign

    It is a form of Google Ad that we use to promote your business through the mobile application. We design and set the ads in different formats thus attracting many customers to your commercial website.

    These are some of the Google Ad techniques we use depending on the type of business you have.

    In case you want to promote your business or sell your products through Google Ads, we are always available to help you





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