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Social media marketing is a method of digital marketing that comprises of researching, creating, and sharing content on social media platforms. It involves activities like posting images, text, videos and other types of content that will engage and drive audience to your brand.

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way that companies of all sizes can use to reach potential customers because their prospects are already interacting with brands through the leading social media networks.

If you’re not connecting with your audience via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Instagram then you could be missing be a lot because it’s an excellent marketing strategy to bring remarkable success to your business.

At Oceans Kenya we are a leading agency in social media marketing & advertising through which we create dedicated brand advocates, generate leads as well as convert them into sales.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Before going for any form of social media marketing as your business marketing strategy, it is essential that you know the benefits that you will get from it.

Nowadays, one of the best executions of Internet marketing is the application of social media because if used as your business marketing channel, it gives you access to the new complete system of potential consumers who are already spending much of their time online.

Here are some of the ways on how your business can benefit from requesting social media marketing services from Oceans Kenya.

Improved website traffic

Social Media Marketing is really helpful when you want to drive traffic to your website and one of the fantastic methods is by sharing quality and unique content through your social media channels while referencing your website.

This does not only gain consumer interest to see more of what you have in the website but also lead to conversions from the people who visit your website.

Brand visibility

Social media contains the power to make the image of your brand.

Actually, it’s a platform that helps you present the deep look of your products/services to your consumers while reaching a massive audience.

In addition, Social Media Marketing keeps the visibility of your business in the news feeds section where most Social Media users spend much of their time while looking for news and updates hence remaining at the top of your consumers’ mind which helps them prefer you compared to other brands.

Basically Social Media Marketing can easily help you increase your visibility but to achieve this, your platforms needs to be reliable, useful, relevant and consistent to help you establish you brand as the most preferred in the market.

Improved communication

Communication between clients and companies is one of the essential parts of social media marketing. When in direct connection with potential and existing consumers, it gives you an overview of personal preferences, opinions, and purchasing behaviors.

With this, you will have the opportunity to solve problems, if any, which in turn gives you a chance to consolidate the image of your company.

Social media marketing is a paramount communication tool for all companies because it helps brands speak to the language of their prospects on their favorite platforms.

At Oceans we create pages for you, help in managing multiple pages, content generation as well as promote Ads, all in a professional way while engaging your customers socially through our vibrant team dedicated for social marketing.





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