Brand Activation

//Brand Activation

Brand Activation is a strategy of bringing the brand to “life” by coming up with various innovative strategies which drive consumers into action. It is the best process of making the brand known to the target audience and the market leading to increased brand awareness.


In all our marketing and branding activation strategies, we always aim at making your brand known to the general public. At oceans Kenya, we aim at using the most innovative methods to reach your prospective customers.

Some Of The Common Methods That We Use In Brand Activation
Product sampling campaign

In this method, we go directly to the target audience in the desired places and distribute free samples of the product that has not yet been launched or that has recently been launched in the market. It is the best way we use to promote the product and collect comments from consumers first hand.

Mall Activation

We do this by hiring an open space in a famous mall and showcase the real products and services just launched to consumers. This activity is carried out during the weekends or the sales period in the mall, as it results in a big step. Consumers can experience all the features of the product or service. They can perform a test and collect all the information about the product and the facility to demand their purchase decision.

Experiential marketing

With the latest and most modern technological advances, the technique of experiential marketing and brand has entered the scene and has done wonders to brands to show their products and services through virtual and augmented reality. For example, we help real estate developers to showcase their project along with services, facilities and other features.  We use   3D  virtual tours, virtual videos that take viewers on the sample trip in a sample apartment, and establishing innovative stalls and kiosks in various trade fairs and exhibitions nationally and internationally, which makes the experience memorable for consumers, which translates into sales growth and brand recognition.





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