Events Hype


Event Hype involves intensive publicity and promotion carried out to promote a product or service.

When you have event hype, you improve your product’s reputation in the community.  Event hype is a form of marketing that depends on direct feedback from customers. At Oceans Kenya, we have a great team with extensive experience in doing all that work for you.

Form A Product Experience That Your Esteemed Customers Will Not Forget

Your customers’ purchasing experience starts from the time they walk via your doors up to the time they leave your premises.  For you to have a lasting impression, it is good to start with the best customer service. You can improve the customer services from the gate, parking and even before your clients reach your shop.

Form Product Referrals Using Bonus Points And Postcards

Using postcards, most of your clients will send these unique postcards to some of their pals who receive a free service or product at a discount. On the other hand, the customers who helped in referring a friend will get some bonus points. The bonus points can be redeemed for free services and products.  At Oceans Kenya we will ensure that we design the best postcards for you. We will also ensure that we pick the best products and services that you can provide for free or at a discount.





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