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//Product Launch Events

The launch of a new product is not what it used to be in the past. In the old days, all I needed for a successful product launch event was public relations services. The Agency would then write a press release and also organizing a press overview. Before the release date, you will have an interview with the reporters. On the day of the release, you would wait to see your article on the press. Unfortunately, those days are gone, and things have changed.


An effective product launch event needs regulators and planners who can coordinate the entire process.  Ocean Kenya has professionals who will help you turn the product launch into a successful event, thus ensuring great publicity of your product and services.

Why Hire Oceans Kenya For Your Product Launch Event

In short terms, Oceans Kenya is a product launch event planner. If you hire our services today, you will gain the following benefits.

Theme party:

It is often organized to celebrate the launch of a product. We will ensure that the theme of the party is appropriate for the product being launched.

Food and drinks:

The atmosphere of formal parties requires good food and drinks, and you can continue with a sumptuous buffet. Inappropriate choices for food and drinks can ruin the spirit of the entire party. Oceans Kenya has a team of planners who will ensure your guests have the best.


The location of an event is an important area to consider. That depends on the number of guests and the selected theme. We will ensure that we pick the right location for your product launch event.


The product launch guests should be well entertained at the concert. Good music, dynamic dance and some incredible performances from famous artists are the best way to add life to the product launch event, and that is what we are good at.

Now, concerning the presentation of products to the world, there we have some of the fantastic strategies that we use. Some of them include:

  • Screen displays
  • Video-assisted presentation
  • Direct demonstration

As you can see Oceans Kenya product launch event planners will help organize the product launch events for your company in a way that you cannot do alone. That this why you need to consider contacting us for some inquiries.





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