Road Shows


A road show is a combination of marketing events that consist of business conferences and meetings the product or service owner uses to speak with potential buyers.


Road shows are beneficial as they help product owners in interacting with the public and help to increase the brand awareness of any product. Road shows will be attractive and will be very useful if done correctly. There are some things we must remember before doing a road show so that the program improves our product and gives it the right brand name. One of the strategies is hiring Oceans Kenya.

Save Your Money By Using The Best Road Show Services

Do you want to reach people fast? Do you wish to make an impact on a manageable budget? Do your plans to create some awareness about a new product or brand you have? That means you’re probably looking for an affordable road show plan that you can use within the shortest possible time. That leads to the reason why you should consider Oceans Kenya when looking for Road show organizers.

Size of the company involved in the road show

It is an entirely different scenario if your target market is the companies and wealthy people. Most likely, these high-ranking people are in shopping centers and high-end hotels that attend elite meetings when they are not on jet-set all over the world. On the other hand, if you are trying to reach a large group of consumers who have the same interest in heart, participating in an exhibition would be your best option. The result is to take the road show where your target audience is most likely to be.  That is why at Oceans Kenya, we aim at reaching your audience by targeting the road show to them.

We will select the right location.

Selecting the right place to have the road show is of the utmost importance. We mean, this is where your target audience is. Therefore, if families are the target market, visits to family getaways are the best place to have a road show. For instance, a park where children and their families frequent during school holiday weekends can be beneficial if the road show is taken there.

One on one marketing

One-to-one marketing is a customer relationship strategy that emphasizes on personalized interactions with real customers.

The main goal of one-to-one marketing in most cases is to increase the market awareness for the product to prospective and current customers. It is one that eliminates mass media for promotion. At Oceans Kenya we know the need for you to have the best one on one marketing strategies.





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