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If you need to change things and bring new customers onboard, there is no better way to organize a local sales event. Whether you are making an important reopening, first offering a new product or service, hosting a charity event or just a big party, organizing a successful sales event can increase your brand and increase traffic. That is why at Oceans Kenya, we have experts who have extensive experience in organizing and running any sales events.

Sales Event Tips

Regular sales events are vital for any retail business. They attract new customers, refresh your business in the eyes of existing customers and keep everyone working in the company focused on a new and pleasant offer.

The commercialization of the sales event is usually more important than the event itself.

Assuming you have a great event, here is a list of tips to promote this event to attract maximum traffic and expand the reach of your brand as much as possible.

Get a local connection:

Connect your event with a local club, organization or charity. Offer to raise funds for them at your event. That will allow them to mobilize their membership base to promote the event and expand the reach of their marketing campaign.


Tweet every day or two in the month before the event. Pre-prepare a list of tweets that cover different aspects of the event. Your Tweets should focus on different angles, preferably newsworthy, about the event.


We like the advice of Twitter but occasionally with photos and more information about the event. Speak positively and emotionally about the event.

Hand out brochures.

Have flyers made to promote the event? Deliver this to existing customers a couple of weeks before the event. If there is capacity in the budget, ask that the flyers be sent to the households around the business one week before the event.

The key to a successful sales event is having something worth promoting, the relentless pursuit of all marketing possibilities and fun. At Oceans Kenya, we know the need for a sales eve, and we are always ready to help you manage and manage one of the successful sales events.

Press release:

Develop a press release about the event with an angle of local news. Get this press release for local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. Follow up the press release with calls to make sure they have understood and understood the journalistic interest of the event.

Use free online listings. List the event with free online listing services. If you are running a sale, use the services that promote sales. If you are launching a new product, look for free listing services that advertise new products.





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