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At times a combination of 360 marketing works out well for some brands. Talk of Digital Space, TV Airtime and Radio we will always find the prime slots for you.

With our vast experience of Media planning and execution, we give it a shot when it comes to your media integrated campaigns. We ensure we give you the best inventories either on Digital and all other media platforms while monitoring every step to 100% reporting. Because we’ve partnered with the leading media houses and online platforms, expect only the best from us. More exciting, we make sure your Hashtags trend for free after placing your adverts on either platform.

Television Ads

A television Ads or TV advert is a short TV programmed message made and paid for by a company. It has a message that aims at marketing a service or product.

Radio Ads

Radio Ads are commercials of varying time span that are run on radio stations to advertise a product or service to listeners.

Print/Newspaper Ads

A Print/newspaper ad is a form of advertisement, where the ad is positioned next to normal editorial wordings. In most cases, …..

Online/Digital Ads

Online/digital ads include promotional ads and messages that are transmitted via email, social networks, online search engines, websites, advertisements on websites or mobile phones and other affiliate programs.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a method of marketing where the focus is directed to influential people instead of targeting the whole social media market.

Billboard Ads

Billboards are structures for external advertising that are usually found in areas of high traffic, such as busy roads.

Our Value

  • Discount Rates

  • Ads Monitoring

  • Reports

  • Target Audience

  • Media Planning

  • Adverts Review

  • Media Relations

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Media Strategies

  • Placements

  • Quality Leads

  • Time Slots



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