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At Oceans Kenya, we understand that using billboard Ads is ideal for attracting audiences. Whether walking or driving, a billboard with an attractive advertisement will always attract attention. Several years ago, we participated in the development of some of the most attractive billboards in the entire country. We have served all sorts of clients, and most of them love our business.


We Even Make 3D Billboard Ads

Billboard ads turn into impressive conversions when you sit in your car caught in slow moving traffic. The more creativity they create, the more their impression is gained by quickly knowing a product related to the promotion.

There are no limits for artistic decoration. Some are flat ads, while others show 3D Ads with attention-grabbing images. With those ads, virtual reality is achieved thanks to our graphic design team members who are always ready to work with you.


Billboard Ads are an affordable way to call attention to your product 24 hours a day. The budget of your posters varies and depends mainly on the size of the tablet, the materials and the color content needed for your particular marketing campaign.

The art of color and formulation is limited.

Playing with colors and using a few fantastic words plays a vital role in the beautiful billboard ads.  Although you do not always remember billboard ads, they give you a quick impression while you travel. Prominent billboards along the roads provide a quick read. They are often installed on the walls of buildings as an alternative means to target the masses.

We provide mobile billboards services too.

Mobile billboards are forms of static creative advertising that appear on the side of the appearance of large custom trucks and pickups. The use of billboard advertisements in a cheap asset turns out to be a business form. If you require any of our billboard advertising services, please contact us for more details.





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