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//Print/Newspaper Ads


With a long term partnership with the leading newspapers in Kenya like, The Daily Nation, The Standard, The East African, The Kenya Times, Taifa Leo, The Business Daily, The Star and The People Daily, Oceans Kenya has grown to be the most influential digital marketing firm that can help you secure a space on these fantastic newspapers. Apart from that, we can also negotiate with the digital publications that are liked by youths to get your ad printed.

 Why Go For Newspaper Ads?

 Everyone wants to market their business online these days. Why not? Is it not the right way? Your audience is universal, and this is a great advantage. However, the competition to attract reader is significantly high due to the same reason.

Most marketers start their online marketing without any training.  The bad thing is, they stop before they can begin to it. Do you know the result? They go back to their daily work they started before.  All the above challenges take us back to where we began – offline marketing.

Only ten years ago, entrepreneurs earned millions through offline marketing, and one of the best tools they used was newspaper marketing. Newspaper marketing is an excellent way to promote your business!


What is the secret?

One of the benefits of using Newspaper Ads is that they are easy to learn while all your competitors lose their shirts online! The only thing you need is the right digital marketing agency that will help you secure a slot. That is where Oceans Kenya comes in to help you.

Advantages of engaging Oceans Kenya

Choosing a newspaper that is right for your Ad

The selection of newspapers you want to advertise depends, to some extent, on your budget and objectives. Our experts will look at the best ways to reduce all the cost involved in negotiating with the newspapers and make sure that you spend a reasonable amount.

Writing an attractive and eye-catching newspaper Ads

When you wring your ad, we will make sure that keep it simple. We will try to arouse the interest in the ad, not just explaining the entire product. Our experts are good at that, and you will like our work.

We are experienced

Newspaper ad takes time to start to develop and draw the attention of the readers. That means you need an agency that has many years of experience in the same field.  Or experienced marketers know that the more people who see your ad, the more likely they are to review it. Other ads come and go, but your ads will be viewed because they exist week after week. If your ad generates a customer, let it grow. Your goal is to develop many regular newspapers to place your ads. Some will fail. Some will rock. So, be free to contact for the best newspaper ad services.





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