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In the world of business, it’s a plus if you happen to get a small advantage over your competitors. The advantage can come if you opt to partner with Oceans Kenya. With over five years in the digital marketing Industry; we have managed to partner with the leading like station stations in Kenya. In case you hire us, we will have your Radio Ads aired on the best radio stations in Kenya. Some of our key partners are Radio Taifa, Radio Citizen, Radio Jambo, Capital FM, Milele FM, Hope FM and Hot 96. We can also help in airing your advert on local radio stations like Mlembe FM, Athiani FM, Minto FM, Kass FM, Inoro FM to mention some of them.

 Make Radio Ads Your Friend

 Radio ads can be a small business’s best friend. It is relatively cheap, very competent and allows you to address your audience in a precise way. It’s also a level playing field: your ads may sound as good as those of a corporate giant.

Not all radio ads are created equal. Too often, they are wasted on name recognition points that must be repeated over and over again, only in the hope of producing a positive impression on the public mind. They will promise better business, but you will get other thing that you can track.

There is a better way. When done correctly, a radio can be one of the most potent weapons in your marketing arsenal. Here is how:

Don’t let the station write your ads

In general, they are adorable and good people in the sale of radio ads. But generally, they have no experienced writers. The best, you’ll get is an ad that sounds like everything else. In the worst case, you’ll get an inferior ad. If you are going to do radio, hire Oceans Kenya professional writers.

Tell a story

Radio is a powerful and intimate medium. It is often listened to when someone is alone, such as when driving to work. It can quickly awaken the emotion that leads to sales, and the best way to do that is to tell a story. Create a conflict of humor that is resolved with your product or service and ask them to represent you. Story-based commercials consistently outperform traditional advertiser-based ads.

Stick to a single idea

30 or 60 seconds is not a long time. Spend everything on a single benefit or purpose. More than that, it only confuses your audience.

Give a clear call to action

You will not get results if you do not ask for them. Tell your listeners what you want them to do, whether it’s visiting your store, calling them or visiting their website. Whatever you do, do not let this step out. If you do not ask your audience to do something, they will not do it.

The above tips can not only generate many leads; they may also save you money. A well-written Radio and will create more response without having to run it several times. That’s why you should contact Oceans Kenya to get more details on how to do it.





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