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//Television Ads


A television Ads or TV advert is a short TV programmed message made and paid for by a company. It has a message that aims at marketing a service or product.


Oceans Kenya is the prominent Digital marketing firm in Kenya which has partnered with the Top and famous TV stations in Kenya. Given a chance, we can air your advert through KTN, Citizen TV, NTV, KBC, K24, Kass TV, QTV, Kiss TV, and Family TV. We can also help your feature your advert in the leading local TV stations of your choice.



Why Use Television ads

On average, people spend more than four hours in one day in front of a TV.  That is why advertising on TV allows you to show wide audience the products and services that you offer. It lets you demonstrate the advantages of ownership. With TV Ads, you have the power to show people on how your products or services are used.

Television advertising has been a favorite medium for large retailers since television began appearing in the living rooms. With the advent of cable television, production costs were reduced, and the opportunity to reach smaller and more specific markets was reduced, making it also a viable option for small enterprises.

To create an active television ad, you must first have a good script that highlights a solid offer. But with Oceans Kenya on board, we will make sure that we carter for that. Ads must also be produced expertly, and it is for this reason that it is often best to hire the services of an advertising agency, which can help you create a complete campaign.

Some of the advantages of advertising your small business on television include the following:

  • TV reaches a much wider audience than radio stations and local newspapers and does so for a short period.
  • It allows you to be creative and add a personality to your company, which can be particularly useful for small businesses that depend on recurring customers.
  • Reaches viewers when they are more attentive.
  •  It allows you to transmit your message with sight, sound and movement, which can give instant credibility to your company, product or service.





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